Monday, January 10, 2011


TRAIN-mad Sam Pointon has landed his dream job on the railways - aged SIX.

The ambitious youngster got a plum role at the National Railway Museum after applying to replace retiring boss Andrew Scott.

klik tu paparan y besar

In his application Sam wrote: "I am only six but I think I can do this job.
"I have an electric train track. I am good on my train track. I can control two trains at once."
The Leicester lad said he had been on "lots of trains" - including "Eurostar and some trains in France" - and loved visiting the York museum.
Advertisement Bosses were so taken with his enthusiasm they offered him a role as Director of Fun.
He is tasked with telling his colleagues how to make the museum a fun day out for kids.
Mr Scott said: "Sam's letter of application was a real delight to read so it was a pleasure to be able to offer him the position."
He added: "It's always fantastic to see such young children with a real passion for trains, just like I had when I was a boy."
Sam's dad Robin said: "Sam was absolutely delighted when he received the letter appointing him.
"He's a huge fan of trains and the museum has always been his top choice for a day out." 

sumber : THE SUN UK

P/S: dak kecik ni comel la.. hehehe :D

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