Sunday, August 22, 2010

Most Beautiful Birds on Earth

The Rainbow Lorikeet

Sometimes you have to wonder at the glory so effortlessly displayed by nature to help creature find a mate. The survival of the species can depend a great deal on just how good-looking the male doing the courting is. Many get assistance from Mother Nature in the form of mind-blowing plumage, like the Rainbow Lorikeet above and the Green-naped version below. The Rainbow Lorikeet is very colourful – almost every colour of the rainbow can be found on their feathers. Lorikeets are parrots from Australasia, which can be found found on many Pacific islands, and are common along the eastern seaboard of Australia and Tasmania. Usually found in rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas, they are one of the most visually attractive birds in the world

The Golden Pheasant

The Golden or “Chinese Pheasant” is another type of bird that catches the eye with a wonderful display of colour. These are gamebirds, native to western China, although they have been bred in other countries like the UK, and are unmistakably lovely with a golden crest, rump and bright red body. When showing off to attract a mate, the male spreads his deep orange 'cape', which looks just like a black and orange fan covering everything except the bright yellow eye. A truly magnificent sight.

The Bali Bird of Paradise

There are many kinds of bird-of-paradise, all of which have truly beautiful displays, and most are found on the island of New Guinea. Forty types are known to biologists, all highly memorable because the plumage of the male birds is so wonderfully colourful. Particular kinds have highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings and head, and give mating displays that can take your breath away. You are only ever likely to see them on film, though, because they mostly live in inaccessible, dense rainforest habitats

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